Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The seasons are a-changing...

This morning was perishingly cold (inside my boat and out) - even my cat with his incredibly fluffy coat was shivering once he left his spot by the fire and ventured outside! Is anyone else's boat quite so cold in the mornings, even with a roaring fire going the night before, or is it just me? With thick frosts like these, my small half-size stove (albeit for a small half-size boat, thankyou Whitewater!), and apparent lack of insulation, I fear some whittling needs to be done come the weekend. I appear to have some extra slots in my windows... so some flexible perspex may work for makeshift double-glazing...? 
    I fear I'm not the most natural of narrowboaters during the cold dark winters, but still,  I wouldn't give it up for the world!


Whitewater said...

You going to add more to your profile.

Whitewater said...

When are you going add anything to your blog.

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